Why Your Jewellery Broke?

What are the Do’s and Don’ts for jewellery care? I mean there’s no law against wearing it 24/7 and we certainly don’t suggest you put your jewellery away and not wear it when in fact you should enjoy it! Here are some tips that you can do to maintain your jewellery’s beauty:

 why your jewellery broke?


Don’t sleep with your jewellery on. You may not realize it, but prongs can snag in sheets and hair gets tangled around chains.  When you do this overnight every night it can cause breakage.

Don’t wear jewellery to the gym, when landscaping, doing sports or any activity where you are lifting or pushing a heavy object that is going to damage the back of a ring.  Jewellery is not indestructible.

Dirt damages jewellery. It is okay to wear jewellery all the time; however, you need to clean your jewelry.  Cleaning jewellery is about more than just making it look pretty.  Dirt from your garden, sand from the beach, oils from skin, lotions, sunscreen etc., can combine to act like a sandpaper and wear away at the metal links in your bracelets and necklaces, and between rings causing them to wear thin.

Don’t wear jewellery in a hot tub or swimming pool.  The chemicals can seriously damage precious metals to a point that they can no longer be repaired.

Follow these tips and be sure to have your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected each year so you can enjoy what is sure to be a future heirloom.

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