Custom Jewellery Designs

At Sutton Smithworks, we can create that unique piece that suits your style. When we do a custom piece, there are hundreds of wax designs to choose from. After a consultation and choosing a design from our selection, you can choose the stones to go into the piece, the finish, and any other personal touches. 


For sentimental or financial reasons we can create a custom piece using your metal but we can only accept metal that are safe to re-cast. In the event your metal is not able to be re-cast we can recommend where to go to trade your metal in and receive money to put towards fresh metal.


Feel free to bring pictures or drawings of your ideal piece. We will be happy to create the final design of your dreams. We put our heart into designing your custom piece because that is our passion: making jewellery especially for you.




Custom work is a delicate process, and therefore, as much time as possible should be provided in order to complete the finished product. Depending on the complexity of the design and the information we receive from our customers, please note that the entire process can take three to four weeks. It is essential for the customer to provide as much detailed information as possible.


When a customer decides that they would like to have a custom piece made, an appointment will be scheduled for a consultation with one of our Accredited Jewellery Professionals. We take the time to listen to our customer to create the jewelry of their dreams.

Should the customer have a design in mind, they can provide a clear picture or drawing of the piece they would like Sutton Smithworks to create.

We offer the option of wax moulds of various designs to choose from as well as a custom designed piece from our designer on staff. The finishing (i.e. texture, polishing, adding stones) of the piece is customizable.

We alter the design or use different sizes of stones in order for these to fall within the limit of the customer's budget, but still give them the special piece of jewelry that they've envisioned.

After the consultation, we provide the customer with an estimate of the work. When the customer decides to proceed, we will ask for a deposit.
Depending on the design the customer wants, it may take as little as two hours or as much as a full day to complete. Once the rendering is done, we will email the mock-up of the design to the customer.

Once we receive feedback or a go-ahead from the customer, we can make the necessary changes or proceed with the creation of the custom piece.