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jewellery repair winnipeg

Work done on premises. You can see our goldsmith hard at work, where he put his passion into repairing and creating custom jewellery.


Sutton Smithworks has been repairing jewellery since 1993. Our goldsmiths have over 35 years of combined experience. We take pride in our work and only use the finest of materials. Repairs are done on site. We do not send repairs out of the province, so there is no danger of your jewellery being lost in transit. Repairs are often done in days, not weeks. Some can even be done while you wait.

Jewellery Repair Services include (but not limited to):

  • Re-tipping stones
  • Stone setting
  • Soldering chains
  • Straightening rings
  • Soldering rings together
  • Ring resizing
  • Cementing pearls (no guarantee)
  • Restring pearls
  • Adding posts & butterfly to earrings
  • Rhodium plating
  • Repairs on silver, gold, and platinum jewellery

While some jewellers use scrap gold for their repairs, we use 18K white gold for re-tipping, and we match the gold karat to your jewellery. If your ring is 14K, we will use 14K in the sizing.


custom ring winnipeg


We're Winnipeg's leader in custom jewellery creations. The options are endless, and we strive to make your vision come alive in a beautiful piece you can wear or just admire. Learn our custom design process


jewelry restore winnipeg


At Sutton Smithworks, we are proud to be able to bring old jewellery back to life. We offer multiple services to update, restore or recreate your jewellery.


We are goldsmiths first and foremost, a micro-manufacturer of jewellery, if you will. We have tools and advanced equipment and technology that most jewellery stores do not have. We have buffing machines, polishing compounds, ultrasonic, ionic and steam machines. We will be happy to check, clean and polish your jewellery. Repairs are recommended only if needed. It does not matter where your jewellery was purchased. Come and bring your tarnished jewellery for exceptional cleaning and polishing service at Sutton Smithworks!


Stone setting is a specialized skill. Not all goldsmiths can do this. The jewellers that we do work for trust us to do their stone setting. If you have stones that need to be set or re-set, come visit us.


Do you have pearls that need to be restrung? We are one of the last places in Winnipeg that will still do restringing. Don’t let your pearls sit in your jewellery box. Pearls have lustre and beauty when worn. If you want to change your pearls from a strand to earrings, or a bracelet, Sutton Smithworks can do that for you.


Whether you need a wedding band to match your engagement ring, or a special ring, we can do your hand carved wax design. To make a wedding band to match your engagement ring, we will heat the engagement ring, place it into the wax and create an exact fit. The wax is then carved further until it is complete. It is then cast and finished. If you have a design in mind, or want a design to fit around a special stone, come and see us to discuss what we can do for you.


CAD/CAM: This technology has allowed for designing to become more efficient. Engineers and designers use CAD/CAM program as a way to create complicated 3-dimensional, technical prototypes.

Our technician can create a design from an image or drawing customers bring in. Then by using several programs, he creates the image on the CAD/CAM and from there, the image becomes a virtual 3-dimensional prototype of the final product.

The CAD/CAM will then will assist us in calculating the metal weight, and the size and number of stones that to be set into the piece.

As some designs can be quite complicated, they will take more design time and more time to carve the wax. This will be reflected in the final price of a custom piece.

The "final look" of the product can then be viewed and from there, we can make necessary changes. The image will then be sent to the customer for their final approval before we go ahead with the process of creating the actual jewellery piece. 

3D Printer: Our latest addition to our technology family! The 3D printer now allows us to create fully 3-dimensional pieces and hollow interrogate items from engagement rings to pendants and  bracelets!



We offer superior quality service casting your precious metals. To learn about our casting services send us an email info@suttonsmithworks.com or call (204) 942-5236.



We are happy to assist you with your insurance claim. Our showroom has a wide selection of fine jewellery. There is white gold, yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires, pearls, silver and more. Because of our pricing, your insurance dollar will go further.

If something needs to be made to replace a lost or stolen piece, Sutton Smithworks will do it for you. That is our field of expertise. 


At Sutton Smithworks, we can downsize your gold or metal watch straps should the watch be loose around your wrist. We do not repair watches.


It is important to know your prized possession worth. We offer jewellery appraisals, contact us at 204-942-5236


Every piece of estate jewellery has a story. We would love to share that and help your unique piece find a new home. At Sutton Smithworks, we're always looking for beautiful pre-owned pieces! Contact us to Inquire.



  • Ear Piercing - We do not have licensed technicians nor do we have a piercing gun.
  • Watch Repairs - Whether it is a battery or leatherstrap repair, we do not work with watches and we currently do not sell watches.
  • Buy Gold - A common misconception is that we take in scrap gold for cash. However, we will use your gold in the making of a new piece of jewellery.


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