How to Keep your Jewellery Safe?


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 From necklaces to rings, everyone has a favorite piece that they cannot live without. But how to avoid losing/breaking/keeping your heirlooms safe? Here are some tips:


  1. Locking backs for your precious diamond/gemstone studs.

 how to protect your jewellery

When someone has diamond studs or gemstone studs that are expensive and memorable, it is advisable to have locking backs installed. A locking back consists of a special post and back that when the back is on the post, it will not come off, it locks on. These are not screw style. The screw style is not advisable as it may strip and will come loose. *Contact us to inquire about locking backs. 


  1. Have your jewellery checked regularly.



Overtime your jewellery can wear down, break or crack. It is advisable to check and look for signs of wear. Observe the clasps on chains or bracelets, and bales on pendant if it’s getting thin. Also check prongs on your ring to ensure they are holding stones securely.  

To see if your jewellery is in good shape, it’s best to go to your local jeweller and have it checked. Here at Suttons, we put your jewellery under a microscope to determine if any work is needed. It is a no charge in checking your jewellery. (Check our list of services here)


  1. Wear silver jewellery when travelling.

 how to keep your jewellery safe

 Another tip to prevent loss is by leaving your valuable gold and diamond jewellery at home when traveling.  Opt for silver wedding bands or jewellery. Do not travel with your best jewellery when going to places. You become a target. Best thing to wear is a silver wedding band, and with no cubic zirconia or anything that may resemble a diamond. If the jewellery being worn is very clearly silver or costume, no one will try to take it from you.

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