Jewellery Redesign Gallery

We give your heirloom pieces a new life by either transforming your old gold and gemstones into a piece you'll love to wear or set your heirloom stone(s) into a modern ready-mount setting.

Here is a selection of completed reworked jewellery using client's metal and/or stones. 

Please note: We only offer redesign using existing waxes and/or a ready-mount setting at this time. We recommend making an appointment to discuss. Book an appointment today  

We will need to assess your jewellery for overall condition. We only re-use yellow gold & rose gold as white gold cannot re-cast. We look for cracks or chips on the stone.  

  ring redesign birthstone ring   ring redesign  

  reset stone in new ring   set diamonds in new ring

    redesign black diamond ring 

reset diamond in new mount    redesign ring

create new jewellery from old jewellery   redesign white gold diamond ring 

ring redesign   remount stone to new ring

redesign wedding ring set   set stone in new ring 

reworked jewellery   heirloom reworks 


pink sapphire engagement ring    redesign men's ring


   redesign jewelry

bypass-ring-redesign  men's ring using family gold  

redesign ring winnipeg    





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